Eyes on the New Guy at Mile High

Manning shows the new threads at his press conference.

With NFL teams across the country reporting for training camp this week it is that time of year again where people and news outlets flock to catch a glimpse of familiar faces in new places.  I’m sure you have all seen the dreamy rain soaked images of Tim Tebow dashing through the storm, shirtless, while showing off his new physique.  However, the big draw nationwide is covering a player who is wearing a shirt and one that just happens to be orange, which is something we haven’t seen Peyton Manning sport since his Tennessee Volunteer days.

Manning joins a new squad as a rare bird.  He is that player that has already done enough to this point in his career to merit a hall of fame bust, but also may have enough in the tank to help a team that was up and coming a year ago.  Think more along the lines of Joe Montana with the Chiefs rather than Joe Namath with the Rams here.  Jerry Rice coming to the Raiders and not Jerry Rice trying out for the same Broncos… Okay, I skipped a stop in Seattle there, but really who’s keeping tabs?

While it is less and less rare that a superstar talent switches teams these days, what is still rare is when the face of a franchise leaves after spending double digit years in one uniform.  A uniform which is the only one Manning has known professionally.

So all eyes are on you Peyton, will you be the next Brett Favre with the Jets or Vikings (the first season) or the Franco Harris with the Seahawks and even the Brett Favre with the Vikings (the last season)?  One thing for sure, just promise us you’ll keep your shirt on!


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An avid sports enthusiast and long time writer on all things sports, Patrick Williams brings an opinionated, yet informative viewpoint to the table. A life around professional, collegiate, and recreational sports has provided Patrick the background and inspirations for his topics.
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2 Responses to Eyes on the New Guy at Mile High

  1. willi33 says:

    And yes, I am aware that Favre was originally drafted and briefly played for the Atlanta Falcons prior to being traded to the Green Bay Packers.

    • Jake says:

      The Manning situation in the Mile High will be an interesting story, but I will be watching that new developement in the Ole’ South with the Saints. I am wondering how this new “we will pay you to hit some one really really hard” will work out! They might be onto something there…..

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